AI4Bharat is a research lab at IIT Madras which works on developing open-source datasets, tools, models and applications for Indian languages. Over the past few years, the lab has done cutting-edge work in Indian language technology which has been published in top conferences around the world. Some of the top contributions from the lab are IndicCorp, BPCC, Shrutilipi, Kathbath, IndicBERT, IndicTrans, IndicXlit, IndicWav2Vec, Indic Whisper, and TTS. All our models, tools, datasets and applications are fully open source and can be used by students, academia, industry, governments, startups and other organizations.

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Application for AI4Bharat OCR Annotator Post. Looking for Graduates proficient in MS Office for the OCR Annotator position at AI4Bharat, IIT Madras. Interns welcome. Native languages: Assamese, Bengali, Hindi, Kannada, Malayalam, Odia, Punjabi, Telugu. Proficiency in the native language is a must. Apply here.

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Our Mission

"Empower and elevate the potential of Indian languages in AI technologies by fostering open-source collaboration in datasets, models, and applications. Facilitate a thriving innovation ecosystem while concurrently enhancing the skill set of an ambitious Indian workforce, empowering them to actively contribute to the advancement of technology in Indian languages."


Explore the power of real-time language models and tools right here at AI4Bharat.

Empowering Indian Languages Through Innovation

At AI4Bharat, our unwavering focus lies in revolutionizing communication through cutting-edge language technology. We specialize in transliteration, ensuring seamless script transitions; excel in translation for accurate, nuanced intercultural connections; advance language understanding for natural interactions; pioneer language generation for authentic content creation; and innovate in speech recognition, making voice interfaces accessible to all. Join us in shaping a future where technology empowers, connects, and transforms through linguistic innovation.

Focus areas

"We must be second to none in the application of advanced technologies to the real problems of man and society. "

– Vikram Sarabhai

AI4Bharat Transformative Initiatives and Strategic Partnerships

AI4Bharat's pioneering work aligns closely with India's Digital India Bhashini Mission. Led by Prof. Mitesh M. Khapra, AI4Bharat collaborates with Bhashini, using grants for dataset creation and CDAC Pune's ParamSiddhi for model training. Funding from Nilekani Philanthropies and EkStep Foundation establishes the Nilekani Centre, aiding Bhashini and fostering open-source tools and models. Generous support from Microsoft, Google, and Nvidia, in the form of computational credits and research grants, fuels our innovation.