"In the symphony of technology, we are the voices that harmonize with India's linguistic diversity."

Empowering Indian Languages Through Innovation

AI4Bharat, nestled within IIT Madras, is a pioneering research lab dedicated to crafting open-source resources for Indian languages. Our journey has been marked by groundbreaking work in Indian language technology, showcased at top global conferences. Some of our notable contributions include IndicCorp, BPCC, Shrutilipi, Kathbath, IndicBERT, IndicTrans, IndicXlit, IndicWav2Vec, IndicWhishper, and TTS.

AI4Bharat in Action: Transforming Language Technology

At AI4Bharat, we're shaping the future of language technology. Our transliteration tech simplifies RBI name and land record searches across languages. We bridge linguistic gaps, translating content for the Supreme Court and making Koos accessible. Speech recognition enhances NPCI Payments, enabling effortless voice-driven transactions. In the world of video, our Chitralekha project brings videos to life in multiple languages. Witness these breakthroughs in action below.

Life & Culture at AI4Bharat

AI4Bharat isn't just a research lab

It's a vibrant community of thinkers, innovators, and dreamers united by a common passion for advancing technology and celebrating India's linguistic diversity. Our lab is more than just cutting-edge research,It's a dynamic ecosystem where creativity, collaboration, and culture thrive.


Life at AI4Bharat is a continuous learning journey. With access to cutting-edge resources and the guidance of experienced mentors, our team members have the opportunity to enhance their skills and stay at the forefront of AI and language technology. We encourage a culture of intellectual curiosity, pushing boundaries, and embracing new challenges.

Visionaries Behind AI4Bharat: Meet Our Founders

In the vanguard of AI innovation stands a collective of extraordinary minds—the founders of AI4Bharat. Their visionary leadership has been the cornerstone of our journey, shaping the organization into a driving force of technological advancement.

Meet Our Research & Development Team

Our RnD Team at AI4Bharat is the driving force behind our mission. Comprising innovative engineers, data scientists, and developers, they create cutting-edge solutions and applications that empower Indian languages and advance AI. With unwavering passion and a commitment to excellence, they are the engine of AI4Bharat success.


Distinguished Minds at AI4Bharat: Our Visiting Researchers

Meet the brains behind the breakthroughs, the individuals who bring a wealth of experience and innovation to our collaborative ecosystem. From pioneering research methodologies to pushing the boundaries of AI applications, our visiting researchers are at the forefront of shaping the future.


Meet Our Data Leads: Architects of Linguistic Precision

Our Data Leads are the backbone of AI4Bharat linguistic innovations. These consummate professionals meticulously curate datasets, ensuring our language models comprehend human expression with unparalleled precision. Meet the professionals shaping the linguistic future at AI4Bharat, where dedication meets excellence.

Delivery and Operations

Our operations team is the backbone of AI4Bharat, meticulously orchestrating the seamless functioning of projects. Their dedication to operational efficiency ensures that our AI initiatives not only meet but exceed expectations.

Meet Our Language Experts at AI4Bharat

Our language experts at AI4Bharat, supported by Bhashini's generous funding, are the architects of transformative linguistic solutions. With skilled translators and transcription specialists, they harness the power of language to break barriers and advance AI. 



AI4Bharat Transformative Initiatives and Strategic Partnerships

AI4Bharat pioneering work aligns closely with India's Digital India Bhashini Mission. Led by Prof. Mitesh Khapra, AI4Bharat collaborates with Bhashini, using grants for dataset creation and CDAC Pune's ParamSiddhi for model training. Funding from Nilekani Philanthropies and EkStep Foundation establishes the Nilekani Centre, aiding Bhashini and fostering open-source tools and models. Generous support from Microsoft, Google, and Nvidia, in the form of computational credits and research grants, fuels our innovation.