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"Join us in shaping the future of technology for India's diverse linguistic landscape."

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Tackle complex problems with data-driven solutions that impact society.


Join a team that is making a real difference in democratizing AI for Indian languages.


Be a part of cutting-edge research and development in the field of AI and machine learning.


Work with a diverse and talented group of professionals who are passionate about AI and its potential for India.

Open Source

Contribute to open-source projects that are accessible to the global AI community.

"Nurturing Tomorrow's Innovators: Our Commitment to Students"

At AI4Bharat, students are not just a part of our future; they're at the heart of it. We provide individualized mentorship, foster holistic growth, and create an inclusive community.Join us and become part of a nurturing journey toward success.



OCR Annotator

Role Description:

Looking for an opportunity to utilize your language skills while contributing to cutting-edge technology? Join AI4Bharat as an OCR Annotator! We're seeking graduates proficient in MS Office and at least one regional language. As an OCR Annotator, you'll be involved in annotating Optical Character Recognition for various Indian languages. Apply now and be a part of our innovative team!

"Discovering Excellence: Team Insights on AI4Bharat"

AI4Bharat provides an unique opportunity for students to work on cutting-edge research problems in the Indian context. While many students opt to pursue a PhD abroad due to reasons like lack of funding, less exposure, lack of infrastructure, lack of good problem statements, etc.. AI4Bharat has created a ideal research environment that would motivate students to pursure a PhD in India rather than going abroad.

Kaushal Bhogale PhD Student

I've got the opportunity to own the problems and build everything from start to finish. Beyond that I got the opportunity to present at conferences, build products on top of it and also consult with people who wanted to build on top on what we have created. I've seen visible impact of the work we have created and our models and data being used at the top institutions and companies. I've got the opportunity to interact with incredibly talented colleagues and collaborate with other teams. I think freedom and responsibility that I get provides for a great learning experience.

Sumanth Doddapaneni PhD Student

The more you learn the deeper the sense of inadequacy you feel within, and a greater need for learning pricks your conscience. As I began working with ai4bharat there appeared before me a domain providing immense scope for sharpening your knowledge and skills in respect, not just of linguistic diversity and their individual and overlapping dynamics in action, but also of web-based technology, which had been beyond my imagination 20 years ago, as even sending an email seemed a difficult task.

Satyabrata Barik Project Associate

The motto of solving challenges for the country with AI by making AI models and datasets open source triggered my interest in applying for a position at AI4Bharat. From the beginning of my employment, I have been inspired by the research efforts aimed at delivering the best results. Being in an environment filled with the right kind of inspiration has motivated me to develop my career in AI.

Praneeth Reddy Project Associate

I'm extremely happy to be a part of AI4Bharat project and to see my language in the same status as other developed languages of India in the field of AI. It has given me an opportunity to explore myself and to contribute as per my capacity to the growth of Bodo language for AI in a cordial and supportive team environment. The project lead team is doing excellent and deserve appreciation. I hope many other undocumented Indian languages get similar advantage in the days to come under the initiative of AI4B.

Prafulla Basumatary Project Associate

Waking up to a new challenging task everyday is what keeps me on my toes. At AI4Bharat, every task/ project is an opportunity to scale the scope of our skills, language and to dive deep into possibilities endless, Learning more, utilising it contributing to the purpose even better, honing our skills, showcasing the uniqueness of our native languages, understanding the right thing and unlearning what’s not, exploring the similarities and peculiarities about their respective cultural significances shared by this family of AI4B. An ongoing process under the guidance of our mentors, leads and teammates, & technical nuances from tech team. The contentment derived about working for the future gens is the cherry on the cake! Consistent learning and delivering in turn- this regime changes one's outlook towards the ultimate goal, be the best and give the best!

Srimoukthika Padma Telugu Annotator

Working in a robust intellectual environment and contributing to the data corpus of an archaic language is itself most exciting for me. The novel avenue of work and the ancient language, both pose multiple challenges and nothing is more satisfying than navigating through such challenges. The commitment of the leadership at AI4BHARAT always motivates to achieve new heights. Whenever I get an opportunity to work under people who're so dedicated and yet so humble, it is the most rewarding experience indeed.

Harisha H M Project Consultant (Samskritam)

Since joining the TTS team at AI4Bharat in January 2023, my experience has been marked by resilience and growth. We've navigated challenges together, fostered an environment of initiative and innovation, and engaged in enriching research and reading groups. Collaborating with established and aspiring researchers has broadened my horizons and contributed to my professional development. I am grateful for the opportunities and excited about the future with this exceptional team.

Ashwin Sankar Project Associate

AI4Bharat has opened up a host of opportunities for women like me who are seeking a second career in our life. I am really proud to be a part of this initiative where we are researching the native languages of our Bharat and creating endless opportunities for the diverse population to understand everything in their own native languages. This well thought out initiative amazes me. I am so happy to be contributing what little I can to such a large project which is in the interest of the entire diverse Bharatiya population. I am happy to use my knowledge and skills here from the comfort of my home which is awesome. AI4Bharat has given me purpose in life and made me financially independent.

Madhu Vanisree Audio Reviewer- Tamil

It was December 2021 when an invigorating journey has begun in my life by joining AI4Bharat family which has a most dynamic and humane ecosystem. Professionals with passion for work and compassion for colleagues are the USP of AI4Bharat. It is an unprecedented project sponsored by the Central Government coupled with the investment from the software bigwigs like Shri Nandan Nilekani and so on. I feel proud and humbled to be a part of AI4Bharat where a host of researchers, technocrats, investors, transcribers, annotators and many more are joining hands with a grand vision of developing the curated parallel data-sets, LLM (Large Language Models), indigenous and open-source software solutions for all the 22 scheduled languages. Experts of indigenous languages can find a prosperous career. Best brains in the domains of literature and linguistics are welcome to contribute in this historic initiative that is bound to be a game-changer in the days to come.

Dr R Suresha Project Consultant - Sanskrit

'Serendipity' and 'Manifestation' are the words I believe in, indeed, through my experiences. Why? In spite of being an engineer, I have taken a leap of faith and entered into the content field. I have worked on content localization, content creation, voice-over, and quality assurance projects. Now, through AI4Bharat, I am participating in Bharat's own AI initiative. As a citizen of Bharat, what could be more satisfying than this?! The most interesting part is, I am doing this from the comfort of my home. Yes!! So, I am very thankful to IIT Madras for this beautiful opportunity, which is remote and offers flexible work hours too. Furthermore, I am very positive and hopeful to achieve all the milestones awaiting in this journey. Most importantly, I would like to appeal to youth as well as veterans to be a part of Bharat's very own AI initiative, AI4Bharat.

Miraba Chudasama Project Associate (QA Executive - Gujarati)

Learning has been my greatest passion since childhood. Later, being a teacher of teenage children was a constant learning experience, while wondering at how brilliant some of them were. They would also help me constantly to learn new things, educate me about the latest in technology and trends, which I have found to be of immense use down the lane. But all through my teaching years, I could work on my English skills and despite being a Telugu native speaker, I lacked confidence in writing in Telugu. At AI4Bharat, my passion for learning was rekindled in finding ways of expression in Telugu. The various projects have taken me through various aspects/facets of the language, helping me try and learn each of them, be it formal, informal or conversational language. The period of more than a year that I have been here has been fun and learning every day, To sum it up in a quote by Marc Antony::"If you do what you love, you'll never work a day in your life!"

Karuna Vempati Project associate, Telugu Translators team

This is the proper platform to challenge yourself in a literally pan-India workspace. I have experienced the importance of quick learning and day-to-day management skills from others. I was in a juncture of my career where I needed to witness the results of my professional contribution. AI4Bharat filled that need and I think this is the most updated form to bridge the gap between Science and Humanities in an Indian context.

Sounak Dutta Bengali Language Lead and Hindi Team Lead

As a Project Associate in the Urdu team, I have witnessed AI4Bharat's commitment to revolutionizing language translation, TTS, and transcription services for the 22 diverse languages in India. Working at AI4Bharat has allowed me to contribute to a meaningful cause and amplify my skills. The organization fosters a creative and collaborative environment and prioritizes quality and accuracy in their services. AI4Bharat stands out with its genuine concern for inclusivity and diversity by catering to all 22 Indic languages enshrined in the Constitution. This commitment to empowering language communities fills me with immense pride. My journey at AI4Bharat has not only facilitated my professional growth but has also given me a profound sense of purpose. I am grateful for this invaluable opportunity and wholeheartedly recommend AI4Bharat to those seeking an inclusive organization making a societal impact.

Dr Irfan Ahmed Project Associate, Urdu Team

This, I can say, is a transformative step for India as a unique nation with varied cultures living together, diving into the historic ocean of "Unity in Diversity" and bringing out the gems of love, bond and togetherness that went too deep to be clearly seen through the naked eyes. I hope the invaluable work performed by each one of us, including the tech, design and research teams in the Indian languages will connect people of all cultures across India and bond them with a sense of help, respect and love for each other, and will make a positive impact to the nation and the world as a whole.

Muhammad Anzar Sareshwala Project Associate Language Expert - Urdu

It's a great feeling to be part of the pursuit to revolutionise language technology in India. The fact that we, at AI4Bharat, are working towards mainstreaming, and digitalising India's domestic languages, including subaltern ones, keeps me motivated. I am pretty sure that the fine piece of work being produced by the team will increase the participation of non-English speaking population in the digital world.

Hasan Akram Project Associate, Urdu Team

I started working with ai4bharat in 2022. It has been more than a year now; I am clear about so many things which seemed so abstract to me before joining the project. This is an opportunity to formally thank ai4bharat for giving me this opportunity and introducing me to the field of language technology. It has been an enlightening and enriching experience so far. As a member of the team working on Urdu language, I am staified and contented witth the kind of work we have been doing. I think ai4bharat is doing a true sevice to the nation and its people and I shall always take pride in saying that I have been a part of such a prestigious and noble cause.

Dr. Javaid Aziz Bhat Project Consultant