IndicBERT v2 is a multilingual BERT model trained on IndicCorpv2, covering 24 Indic languages. IndicBERT performs competitive to strong baselines and performs best on 7 out of 9 tasks on IndicXTREME benchmark.

The models are trained with various objectives and datasets. The list of models are as follows:

  • IndicBERT-MLM Model – A vanilla BERT style model trained on IndicCorp v2 with the MLM objective
  • +Samanantar Model – TLM as an additional objective with Samanantar Parallel Corpus Paper | Dataset\
  • +Back-Translation Model – TLM as an additional objective by translating the Indic parts of IndicCorp v2 dataset into English w/ IndicTrans model Model
  • IndicBERT-SS Model – To encourage better lexical sharing among languages we convert the scripts from Indic languages to Devanagari and train a BERT style model with the MLM objective

All the code for pretraining and fine-tuning IndicBERT model is available at this GitHub repository


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